Titus 2:4 Launch

I am so excited for the launch of our new product line, Titus 2:4!

Titus 2:4 encourages “women to…love their husbands.” These products are meant to inspire new ideas and interesting ways to show our love, affection and respect in ways our husbands will value. The goal of this line is to spice up marriages, rekindle hope, renew passion, and undergird the one institution in the Bible God says HE LOVES: marriage.

One thing there is not enough of in Western society, is the keeping of covenant. In fact, many of us don’t even know what a covenant is. In the Bible, when a covenant was made, it was as serious as life and death and if it were broken, the consequences were extremely serious. In today’s world, we tend to make light of covenant. But we are saved through the covenant God entered into by the blood of Jesus, who paid the price for our sin. I will do a future post on covenant, but for now, I want you to know that someone out there is rooting for you and your marriage; cheering you on and praying that your marriage is super blessed and full of love.

Enjoy these products and please take time to send me a message on which items you like most. If there are particular types of products you would like to see the logo on (e.g., mugs, caps, t-shirts, jeans, etc.), please let me know as well, by sending me a message in the “Contact” page.


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